02.Opium Typhoon
03.Peru (Happy Birthday White Tiger)
04.Stunning Blonde
05.Wolf Skin Pose
06.Aaroo: Piano
07.Moscow Flowers
08.Eggwhite Ocean
--entire set in .zip file --

Vampire Hands

Live from The 7th Street Entry
Minneapolis, MN
November 18th, 2006

These dudes were voted one of the best new bands in the Twin Cities. Here is what article said until we put some original text on this page...

"...Chris Bierden sings with an English accent. And while that alone counts as strikes one, two, and three against a band, it's easy to forgive Bierden his linguistic trespasses. That's because he's seriously into the European psychedelic scene of the mid-'60s (as evidenced by Vampire Hands' debut EP, At Wizard Island: Too Punk to Fuck), and frankly there just aren't enough Can fans making music in this town. Second, Bierden's androgynous falsetto is so John-Lennon-creamy that it would be a crime if he didn't soften his Rs and lengthen his vowels. It's hypnotic, and it reminds us why royalty used to chill out to castrati choirs. Playing Hyde to Bierden's Jekyll (or is it Too Punk to Fuck to Bierden's At Wizard Island?) is Colin Johnson, the group's maraca-wielding second singer, who, along with brothers Alex and Chris Rose, brings a harsher, Fugazi-flavored element to the mix. The result is exciting, experimental, and not nearly as nefarious as the band's name would suggest." - Chuck Terhark, the City Pages

Vampire Hands myspace page (it's like a webpage)
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