James Russell and Rebecca Hanten, finding their band Cadillac Blindside dissolving for myriad reasons, asked TJ McInnis of Song of Zarathustra to start playing music with them. Wanting a bass player, TJ suggested his band-mate Mark Shaw. Thus the line-up was formed. They quickly set about writing songs fusing the dark pop of Cadillac Blindside with the more esoteric rock of Song of Zarathustra.

The Cardinal Sin's eight-song demo was recorded in a basement in Saint Paul Minnesota by Jeremy Tappero during the Summer of 2003. Listen closely to see if you can hear the goat's toes. "Woke Up In Pain" and "Where We Shine" would later be re-recorded and released on The Cardinal Sin's debut Oil and Water EP.

After a year and thirty shows, TJ opted out of the band to pursue his other interest: tattooing. Jon Ness joined as the band's bassist and Mark switched to guitar.

We would suggest catching The Cardinal Sin on tour when they come to your town supporting their debut LP, Hurry Up and Wait.

If you can't wait to see them live, watch them here: The Cardinal Sin - Live