Did you know we started as a record label? It's true. All we got the chance to put out before switching our focus was the first and only release from Monarques, who suffered the Twin Cities' Pick To Click Curse. Once the City Pages votes you as best new band, you have a 50% chance or breaking up within a year. Here was the description of the EP that was once only privy to industry types...

Minneapolis born Monarques' debut EP strives for to be the perfect mix tape short enough for a commute to work. In the span of four songs, Monarques wrap their post-rock around trancy new wave, nostalgic riff driven psyche, and even back beating no wave IDM (courtesy of a collaboration with the Busy Signals on track four). My Imaginary Move is woven together with soaring instrumentation and artfully deconstructed arrangements that buoy its reflective lyrics and move the listener over each varied song.

Pretty intense, eh? Monarques were Nathan Grumdahl (ex-Selby Tigers), Matthew Rezac (ex-Book of Dead Names), Jeff Brown (ex-Grotto, currently in His Mischief) and Trenton Raygor (ex-Cadillac Blindside, after leaving Monarques couldn't stay away and joined us at Schedule Two).

Tracks 1-3 recorded + mixed August in 2003
with Kris Johnson at The Sweatshop in Minneapolis, MN.
Remix by The Busy Signals (Howard Hamilton III)
Mastered by Dave Gardner at Magneto Mastering in Minneapolis, MN.
Award winning artwork by Matt Rezac at soonafter.com

If you want to buy this with it's amazing artwork complete with a sheet of Monarques stamps email us. Fire sale! Also check out the old Monarques demos which rotated on their webpage but have never been released.