Before releasing their EP on Schedule Two Records, Monarques were playing lots of shows. When they needed to relax there was nothing they loved more than to record demos. From a cabin on a lake in Northern Minnesota to Minneapolis' beloved Terrarium. The first eight of these tracks were given homemade packaging and given out to friends in Summer 2003.

Monarques' sound washes ashore amist a tempest of muscular, kenetic sonics playing tug-of-war with a more lush and sedated sound. They move from a quiet still enough to hear pins dropping to blisteringly loud passages with the flick of a switch. As they search for the lighthouse to guide their way onstage, they find it is a multicolored mess of gels hitting a disco ball.

Monarques were Nathan Grumdahl (ex-Selby Tigers), Matthew Rezac (ex-Book of Dead Names), Jeff Brown (ex-Grotto, currently in His Mischief) and Trenton Raygor (ex-Cadillac Blindside, after leaving Monarques couldn't stay away and joined us at Schedule Two).

Tracks 1-5, 7-8 recorded + mixed throughout March and April 2003
w/ Davey G and Eric Olsen at various locations.
-- - --
Tracks 6, 9, and 10 were recorded and mixed January 17, 2003
by Jason Orris at the Terrarium in Minneapolis.

We have also put up the Monarques EP we released, My Imaginary Move up for free as well.